ONE Hellova Sunday - Surfing | 4WD | PushBikes

I thought I couldn't leave this 'Sendy Sunday' to be left unwritten, as I've probably never packed such a large variety of action into one day - So here's what went down.

Sunday 8th July,

It started out at 6.30am Sunday morning when I woke early, smashed back a coffee and deleted 5 weetbix to get my day started. The boys were awake, the messenger was going off, forecasts were checked, low tide was at 7.30am - an early morning surf mission was on. I drove over to the bro's place, jumped in the new wagon (very nice I must add - Snake), picked up a dusty character from West Shore (Felix) & we headed North to the dreamy surf location. When we rolled up, the wind was off shore, fun looking lines were rolling in, the boys were out theaaaar by 9am. The session consisted of fun lefts and rights and no goodies really went unridden.

11.30am swung around and the session was over, Felix washed off his dust, Snake was feeling good and Brad & I were frothing to get to the boys down at the Tuki where Four Wheel Drive vehicles were been thrashed. So we jumped in the vehicles and headed South. Swung by home, picked up some of my film kit (including the GoPro karma drone, GoPro's x2 & the GoPro karma grip stabiliser), it was on! Brad & I got there at 1.30pm and the boys had just warmed up the motors... 2 hours down the track of absolutely thrashing haha. For the next 3 hours we had a lot of laughs - motors were thrashed, bumpers were bent, paint was chipped, mud bogs were hit, streams/rivers were crossed and helluva lot of wicked footage was captured up close and personal - So keep the eyes peeled for that. 

4.30pm swung around and we finished up the Four Wheel Driving session. The boys went their seperate ways and we were all satisfied as hell - Good fun!

While I was at home a few hours before picking up film kit, I thought, since I was out that way I would grab my pushbike to potentially finish the froth filled day by hitting the jump-line at Jedoss's after the hell mud plugging session. So I made my way to Jed's, caught up with the crew and went out in the hell 20-30 knot head wind and sent these jumps, it was one helluva sketchy hour riding thats for sure haha.

After submitting to the wind and nearly having a few big ones, I was satisfied with my - well and truly 'Sent Sunday'. 

What a time to be alive! A few pictures of the day are below in order of mission.







Jack Jensen