Shooting with Levi Sherwood

By Thursday the 28th of June it had been around 4 weeks of keeping in touch trying to nail down a few fine days in the Mighty Manawatu to get this shoot on the road. At this time of year it is prity niggly in terms of weather and especially in the beautiful location of Palmerston North City (as I have experienced in the past three years of residency and rain haha). So we were on the blower the weekend before, forecast was looking on, so the plan of attack begun.

Thursday 28th June, 2018

Thursday rolled around quickly and the weather was forecast to be perfect to shoot on the Friday, so I got all my film gear together and made my way down to Levi's Thursday night. Got to the man cave, had a catch up and a few beers with the boys then hit the sack.

Friday 29th June, 2018 (The day of the shoot)

The sun arose, the day was still, clouds and fog cleared and a trip to town to get gas and Subway was on, the day couldn't have been any more perfect. After Levi had got his bike and gear prepped, the shoot kicked off at midday and for the next few hours I was fortunate enough to watch and capture insane footage of one of the best Freestyle Motocross Riders in the world perform at his very own compound. I am truly amped at this point to have the opportunity of being apart of such a legend of a bloke and all round good fella, throw down such death defying gnarly tricks in his back yard like it was a walk in the park - Huge whips, Double backflips, Ruler-flips, Backflip double seat grabs - you name it he was sending it. Fortunately having a background and upbringing in moto gives me an understanding of actually how insane and difficult it is to throw around a bike like he does and perform the calibre of tricks that he is actually throwing - absolutely unreal. 4pm rolled around, the shoot was successful, gear was cleaned, the boys were frothing, we both agreed it was time for a nice warm Lion Brown.

It has been truly humbling & motivating growing up watching this kiwi lad compete on TV all around the world and win the biggest competitions like X Games & X-Fighters then having the privilege a few years down the track to meet him on the road with Red Bull NZ, become mates and then having the benefit of being asked to shoot/create some content for him. Truely amped and what a Legend!

I can't exaggerate how excited I am for Levi & I to release the edits that I have/am currently creating for his and my social media platforms. I couldn't be anymore stoked with how the footage came out, so I am currently in my element right now throwing it all together for you guys!

I hope your as frothed up as we are!

Keep your eyes peeled - as something extraordinary is on the horizon...









Jack Jensen