April 25th, 2018

Firstly i'd like to thank the ANZAC soldiers that fought for our freedom in the World War, otherwise this glorious day we have spent would be a lot more difficult if not impossible to of had without what you guys have done. You guys that have fought have gave your lives for our freedom which has allowed us to send missions around the world and the beautiful country of New Zealand in peace and I utmost appreciate that.

Now onto this glorious sun-filled day full of exciting shit!

Mission 1 - Wave Riding

It started at 6am when the alarm went off, coffee was pored into a protein shaker cup (because I don't have a thermos), pitas were full of marmite and lettuce, boards, drone and wetty were packed, jumped in with the breathers at the Waimarama turn-off and we were off to the coast to search for some waves. We 4WD our way to the destination and there were some fun ones coming through, got the new GoPro drone up (thanks to the boys from GoPro NZ) and got some awesome shots as you'll be able to see from the pictures below, then we were out there. Waves were relatively consistent, so the boys all scored some goodies, 2 1/2 hours later the surf was over, so we were all frothed up as the day couldn't have been started in a better way. We were on our way back to town driving down the beach, when Logz checked his phone and received a few snaps from one of the breathers (Jedoss) who started at 6am on the digger shifting dirt and working a way on the new jump line at his compound, so we knew where we were going!

Mission 2 - Dirt Jump Building/Riding

Got home, unpacked my board and wetty, had a feed, re-packed my wagon with a pushbike/gear and all my camera kit (Drone, GoPros, Canon EOS 70D) this what I saw was a recipe for a hellova an afternoon. I then rolled into Jed/Poppy/Hazzmaticle's around 1pm, the boys were going at it, the tip truck was unloading a fresh pile of dirt, Jedoss was hauling the 1.8 tonner, Anzac was ripping in the bobcat and shit was happening, it was on (I just walked into another slice of paradise). All avo beers were consumed (sensibly) haha, mahi was cranked, dirt was moved, jumps were packed, bikes were crashed, pictures/videos were taken and a childhood dream was created.

What a sik day it was - See pictures below.



Surf Mission -

- Bradux (Brad)

- Waa (Conner)

- L Boogs (Logan)

& Myself


Dirt Jumps -

- Jedoss (Jed)

- Popstar (Poppy)

- Hazzmaticle (Harry)

- Timoss (Tim)

- L Boogs (Logan)

- Waa (Conner)

- The God of Tui (Cooper)

- Super Grom (Riley)

- T Cush (Todd)

- Zacril (Anzac)

- Max mate (Max)

- Sammmmy (Sam)

& Myself


Cheers Legends for the hellova day!