Spot X - Strike Mission

13-15 April, 2018

The swell was rolling in from the South - South East. Hawkes Bay had been pumping all week and the boys were getting frothed up. Phone calls and texts were being sent back and forth as the swell was supposed to be solid, but the wind iffy at the destination of Spot X. At the last minute on the friday avo the strike mission was on and the boys all know 'It's on when it is on'. So we packed our shit and off we went, stacks of boards, beers and food - we were set. We got to spot X 9.30pm Friday night and chilled out, caught up with the boys had a few beers, then hit the sack for a early start expecting pumping 6ft waves the following day.

Saturday (Day 1)

We woke 6.30am, coffees were on, bread was toasting, one of the boys was out already pilfering the ocean catching a whole lot of fish bait (haha G Banger). We stacked the boards on the roofs of the war machines and rolled out and managed to score a 2-3 hour surf - not the size we thought but still some fun 3ft-4ft set waves. First surf over at 10am; back in the cars and back to base to chill out with some quality amp up surf vids, mint BBQ feed the boys put together; sausages, bacon, eggs, spaghetti and more coffee. After a mekking feed, stomachs settled, we went and threw a couple of nets out caught more live bait and headed towards the waves. As we rocked up fun sets were rolling in and mother nature supplied a hellova glassy surf & what a wicked surf it was ae lads (haha) - the boys were ripping, yeowww! Frothed up and surfed out we made our way back to the legendary Owen whare, gathered some beers and had a good cruisey night frothed up for the Sunday where the swell was meant to be growing by a couple of feet, we ended up crashing out at 9.30pm, probably the earliest night i've had in a couple of years (haha).

Sunday (Day 2)

The lads woke again around 6.45am, frothed up, wind looked good, coffees on, toast on, packed the stack and we were a go. We drove down main beach and solid lines were rolling in from the South-East, we drove over the hill and the break was pumping with a few close out sets rolling through as the beach was maxing out. It was a solid 4-5ft and the boys were out there, Jedoss and myself frothing at the bit as we had been listening to our newly created and favorite Spotify playlist 'Funk' that contained the most funky/groove beats by the legend himself 'The Fish' (#followthefish), we suited up, grabbed the boards and me stupidly enough being so pumped up, paddled out into a solid 20 wave set (weoww) talk about a character building paddle out (haha). Anyway made it out and the boys were on, we scored it to ourselves and the solid sets were pumping, after a solid 2hrs we were knackered, hungry and thirsty so we mished back made yet another mekking feed, ate the rest of our remaining food and we were back on the search. 3pm rolled round and we were packed for the road and the search was on, for about an hour we did the beach shuffle, it was a niggly size as it was too big and maxing out some breaks and it wasn't quite big enough for others. So we made our way on the road home and stopped just after one of the main breaks around the corner, saw some potential heavy nuggets on the inside for some potential picturesque moments of getting shacked/rinsed in heavy beachys (haha). So three of us paddled out (L Boogs, Jedoss and myself) into some grunty waves and the swell was rolling towards high tide, as we paddled out towards the back we noticed that there was quite the rip trying to lure us out into the open ocean, yeah she was quite the paddle for the entire surf. Anyway caught some close outs, went over the falls a couple of times, got dumped on the beach and today while I write this sand is still falling out of my hair, yeah nah she was heavy yet a crack up surf to finish on, so we hit the road and the strike mission was a great success, cheers boys for the hell weekend - now onto the next.


Jedoss (Jed), L Boogs (Logan), Snake (Jake), G Banger (George), Timoss (Tim), Myself (Jack)